DJ Fatxo: Sabina Chege isn't my mumama (Video)

Fatxo says this is not the first time someone has tried bringing him down.

• Fatxo says although he knows Sabina Chege, they are not tight nor do they have a romantic relationship.

• The two were rumoured to be dating.

DJ Fatxo and Sabina Chege.

DJ Fatxo has denied being romantically involved with politician Sabina Wanjiru Chege.

It was rumored the beautiful politician has been the one bankrolling Fatxo's flashy lifestyle.

In an interview with Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Fatxo shared

"I have heard the rumors of people saying Sabina Chege funds me.

When I bought my Mercedes people said I had been bought the car by Sabina Chege.

I know her and respect her very much.

People did not even know I have not completed paying the car company. , They did not give me pressure to pay them.

It's only now that we have sat down and come up with a way for me to pay them."

He says although he is not rich, he has never slept hungry since the incident

"I don't have a lot, right now I do not have money after not working for three months.

But God has ensured I have never lacked food to eat.

God's grace has been sufficient on me and that is why people are saying that I have a God Father."

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Fatxo alleges that some people are trying to bring him down as his career had picked up.

"This is not the first time I am being fought.

This is not a normal fight.

When I got into the industry I hit and people started saying I am not the one who writes my songs.

Someone is now saying I am gay and that my car was bought by a businessman from Mwea.

Let the people who want to ruin my name be consistent with their lies, people are not stupid

I am very spiritual."

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