Police line

Police in Kirinyaga county has launched investigations following the death of two robbery suspects.

The two are said to have met their death after allegedly being involved in a bar brawl.

The incident is believed to have happened at the wee hours of Saturday morning after the two believed to be part of a gang consisting of nine individuals, allegedly broke into the bar based along the Kutus-Kianyaga road.

According to the bar owner Paul Kigundu, the armed gang is said to have first stripped the watchman after which they tied him up before fully accessing his premises.

They are later said to have broken into the bar counter when a quarrel allegedly broke amongst them thus turned against each other using the crude weapons they possessed.

The action is said to have led to their death.

"I was alerted of the incident by one of my workers. When I came in to respond to the matter, I found the two bodies lying on the floor and shards of glasses all over."

"The watchman narrated to me that they broke in at around midnight where they first manhandled him by stripping him and tying him up before proceeding into the bar."

Kigundu who is still reeling in shock says he is yet to evaluate the loss he made over the incident. Kirinyaga county police commander Mathew Mang'ira confirmed the incident saying they have since launched investigations.

Mang'ira revealed that prior to the incident, the gang is suspected to have argued about some money they received from an unknown source.

He said they are investigating as to whether the money that arouse the heated argument came from a local politician.

He added that they have also launched a manhunt for the other seven members of the gang who went into hiding after the incident.

"We are still probing where they came from before heading to the bar and why they were arguing. However, we suspect that they were arguing over some money they received.

We have since ordered the watchman on duty to record a statement over what he saw and any other details that could be of interest into the case," he said.

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