• Police say four other gang members managed to escape in the drama. 

Gun, crime
Gun, crime

A suspected thug was shot dead and a gun was found on him in the war against crime in Nairobi’s Korogocho slums.

Police say four others managed to escape in the drama.

A gun with four bullets, Viagra tablets, bhang, ten sim cards and mobile phones were found on the suspect.

The suspects had been attacking and robbing locals when an alarm was raised alerting police. The body was moved to the mortuary.

The area has been experiencing rising cases of armed robbery amid calls for action to tame the gangs behind the same.

Meanwhile, police are looking for a gang that shot dead a police officer last evening in Marsabit Town.

The officer was shot dead by gunmen who were riding on a motorbike.

Corporal Ahmed Mohamed Sheikh was shot at close range as he walked home. He was attached to Dukana in North Horr.

Police said the attackers escaped soon after fatally wounding the officer. Police said they suspect the officer was targeted but the motive is yet to be known.

The body was preserved in the local mortuary. The death and its news prompted local business people to close their premises early in fear of attacks.

The area is volatile and tense and especially ahead of a tense political season.

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