Jalang'o updates Kenyans about his health 6 weeks after surgery

• The politician underwent surgery at the end of September after sustaining an injury on his left leg while practicing basketball.

Image: Instagram

Member of Parliament for Lang'ata, Phelix Odiwour aka Jalang'o has given another statement about his health progress several weeks after undergoing leg surgery.

The politician underwent surgery at the end of September after sustaining an injury on his left leg while practicing basketball.

On Tuesday, the former radio host posted a video of himself exercising and stretching his legs with the help of crutches.

"I'm getting better... I'm really recovered, I'm just waiting for the doctors' report," Jalang'o wrote in the video. In the video, the first-term member of parliament seemed to be able to move his legs easily, unlike what happened several weeks ago when he could not.

However, his left leg was still in plaster and he still had crutches to help him stand and walk. Jalang'o underwent surgery on his left leg after he was injured while training with the Bunge Basketball team at the end of September.

He was allowed to go home after being admitted to Nairobi Hospital for a few days. After being discharged, he revealed that he would be staying at home where he would undergo his six-week recovery journey.

"I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your prayers for a speedy recovery and all of you who visited me at Nairobi Hospital," Jalang'o said on Instagram at the end of September.

President Ruto's supporter attached his statement with a photo showing him resting on a sofa in his home with crutches to help him walk beside him.

His injured left leg was bandaged to help him recover from surgery. "I want to thank the entire Nairobi hospital team led by Prof. Atinga for the good work and their general hospitality and service. We are down but not out! Our capable Langata team will manage the affairs of the constituency closely monitored by myself. THANK YOU saana!” he said.

Speaking about his injury, he revealed that he had an accident while training with the Bunge basketball team on Tuesday, September 26.

The accident caused a serious injury to his left leg and led him to undergo surgery to repair the damaged part after an MRI scan.

"Last Tuesday during our Bunge morning basketball practice I had an accident that tore my ligaments, I had surgery to repair it and returned home as the 6-week recovery journey begins," he said.

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