Kenyans go gaga over Kawira Mwangaza going in between lady dancing with hubby

• Honorable Kawira's husband is a musician popularly known for his guitar skills

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza.
Image: Facebook

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza has just joined the list of women who have fiercely stepped up to stop their men from getting a little too comfortable with other women in public.

The politician's husband Murega Baichu, who happens to be a very talented musician was performing at an event when he was joined on stage by a fan donning black jeans and a yellow t-shirt who seemed to have been overly pleased with the performance.

Murega didn't seem to mind and went on with his performance as he strung his guitar skillfully while the lady shook her behind.

In no time, while enjoying the tunes the two started dancing a tad bit too close to each other all while matching each other's dance moves. Their rhythm had the crowd cheering on excitedly encouraging them to keep at it.

However, things started getting a little too steamy when the unidentified lady turned to have her behind facing the married artist in an attempt to grind on him.

This prompted the governor who was rocking a printed white maxi dress with a yellow sweater to quickly make her way to the stage and put herself between the lady and her husband leaving the crowd in stitches as everything in that moment was crystal clear.

The video of the interaction was shared online and netizens couldn't get enough of it. Below are a few comments;

αႦɾαԋαɱ: Reminds me of Lulu Hassan

DNB DENO: karibu iiende

Chepkulgong: Serikali uinaeza pendula wakati wote.

Mhe Litundunya.:Hata angekua wewe ungeduh?

GracesOpinion: Hiyo ilikuwa inaenda mchana mchana peupe

Honorable Kawira now joins other notable public figures such as Dorothy Nyong'o who have been seen marking their territories when things got a bit too sensual between their man and members of the opposite gender.

Just recently fitness enthusiast Chiki Kuruka was spotted chasing a lady who was grinding on her husband, Sauti Sol's lead singer Bien just before his show.

Not only did she tap the lady and ask her to leave, but Chiki was also seen asking security to come in and escort the excited fan away.

Last year TV queen Lulu Hassan was seen separating songstress Jovial from her husband Rashid Abdalla during Rashid's birthday party.

Jovial who had been invited to the event to perform for the birthday boy got a little carried away while dancing with Rashid a move that prompted Lulu to come in and separate the duo. 

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