• After the video elicited various reactions and split netizens into two, those who support Jovial and the goat wives who defended Lulu.

• Lulu Hassan rated Jovial's work based on the night's performance on stage with Rashid Abdalla at the exclusive party.

Lulu Hassan with hubby, Rashid Abdalla
Lulu Hassan with hubby, Rashid Abdalla

Media personality Lulu Hassan is the talk of the town after she protected her man from falling for the feminine wiles of a performer.

Lulu cut into an intense performance by Jovial recently when she was performing at Citizen TV's Rashid Abdallah's birthday party.

The clip went viral. Check it out below if you missed the clip.

Lulu Hassan noticed karibu mtu wake aende akaamua ku act fast 🤣🤣🤣 🎥 courtesy

Posted by Mpasho News on Monday, May 9, 2022

After the video elicited various reactions and split netizens into two, those who support Jovial and the goat wives who defended Lulu.

However, to kill the debate, Lulu put out a statement of support for Jovial who was just doing her job well.

"I can't thank you enough @jovial_ke ...You are destined for greatness, apart from being your bosses we are your number one fans 💃💃💃💃... Keep on flying our flag high ....We love you dada...Keep on keeping on....❤❤❤❤❤❤"

Lulu then rated her work based on the night's performance on stage at the exclusive party.

"Vocals💯 Performance💯 Presence 💯. For bookings follow @jovial_ke, hautajutia (You will not regret it)."

Jovial responded to the post saying, "🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you Mama God bless❤️."

In her page, Jovial addressed the same video of her performance with Lulu's husband.

"Ok. I'm just seeing women projecting their insecurities on an innocent act. Mumepata kisababu cha kufungua roho! (I can see you have gotten a reason to open your hearts and speak out). You can tell they're dealing with a lot in their homes!"

Explaining her relationship with Lulu and Rashid, Jovial said,

"The couple are my bosses; those who know the series know better. Fix your homes and stop using me as an excuse. I'm an entertainer and I was doing my job. Bu the way, I was paid very good money! Cheers to more." 

Here is how Lulu Hassan's fans reacted to the video. 

annemawathe: Ohhhhh this was stunning @loulou_hassan I am glad I got to see her perform. Ubarikiwe sana. Every voice you give to another, may it multiply your blessings. She is a very good performer, very engaging, uses the stage meticulously and is, above all, humble and accessible. I know because Cyran approached her 😂 and asked for a selfie....in the end, its the small things that amount to greatness. And in a world where we can be anything, kind is what we can all be....

Samwabito: "I love her too tell her lulu"

Benkirui_: "Privileged to have witnessed her performance LIVE. But @jovial_ke is so underated yaani."

Estheremen: "I love this. One girl lifting another up."

Aishadavid92: "Congrats but kweli...ilibidi utukumbushe you are her BOSSES ..come on..like it though."

Yasinali83: "I thought you are Muslim does Islam allow that?!"

Cha Pombe: "Ladies should always remind their husbands that they are married you know sometimes we men forget."

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