Expert: You need Sh14bn to run a successful presidential campaign

"Mobilisation strategies are very expensive because one must visit all 47 counties."


• Kanyinga said it gets tough as the voting day itself approaches. 

• This is because the money for agents is a lot. Additionally, he said logistics for several days before the election day is very costly. 

H.E President William Ruto
Image: Courtesy/ Emmanuel Jambo

University of Nairobi Institute for Development Studies Research Professor Karuti Kanyinga has revealed the amount one needs to run a formidable presidential campaign in Kenya. 

Kanyinga said it is very costly to run for the national top seat as one needs up to Sh14 billion during the campaign period. 

He spoke on Tuesday during the launch of an analysis of the Political Participation of Women in the Political Economy in Nairobi. 

"Running for Presidency in Kenya does not cost you less than Sh14 billion, especially the last three days to an election," Kanyinga said. 

He said presidential candidates spend so much because they have to traverse the whole nation as they campaign. 

"Mobilisation strategies are also expensive because one must visit all 47 counties in the country. Preferably all the 290 constituencies and in many constituencies you must be visible in every ward," he said. 

"And in the 47 counties, money is used during rallies, to brand shirts, caps, umbrellas as well as dish out to supporters."

Kanyinga said it gets tough as the voting day itself approaches because the agents need a lot of money. Additionally, logistics for several days before election day are very costly, he said. 

"Three days to the election and the voting day, that is where most resources are required," he said. 

He added that Kenya's campaigns are very expensive because there is limited trust in the electioneering process. 

"We don't trust one another and thus we go out of our way to talk about many things that we need to make the process transparent. We spend a lot of money in the ballot-making process and making them bulletproof," he said. 

The professor said in countries where there is trust the people's vote would reflect their aspirations, and they spend less money on elections. 

"There more the distrust in the electioneering process, the more money is spent," he said.

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