Salasya and Linet Toto dine together months after fierce exchange

Ever since Saasya uttered those words said to be mocking against Toto, the two have been seen together very rarely.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• A month ago, Salasya found herself in trouble after groups of mothers asked her to apologize to Toto for saying that she would impregnate him.

• However, Salasya stood firm saying that he would not apologize, but it is as if they resolved their differences secretly.

Peter Salasya dining with Linet Toto.
Image: Facebook/Peter Salasya

Mumias East Member of Parliament Peter Salasya met with Bomet County Member of Parliament Linet Toto in a restaurant for lunch today.

The parliamentarians were having lunch before traveling to the neighboring country of Tanzania to participate in the East African Community parliamentary games.

In the picture, Salasya who had a big smile on his face was seen eating ugali while Toto was beside her wearing a black dress.

"With Honorable Linet Toto and Honorable Charles Ngusya, Member of Parliament for Mwingi West on our way to Tanzania with the @NAssemblyKE Kenyan athletics team among other leaders," Salasya wrote on the photos on his Twitter page.

This is the second time the two are being seen in public after they hit headlines after clashing politically.

In February, Salasya at Azimio Busia's flagship meeting took the stage denouncing Toto's prior remarks about Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Salasya made remarks about Toto which many said was to humiliate the Women's Rep when he said that he had the intention of impregnating her as a way to stop her from continuing to attack Odinga.

This was a response to Toto's previous remarks in Mogotio when she mocked Odinga for being in politics for a very long time.

"This old Raila Odinga started his protest politics even before I was born. He started politics in 1997 when I was not born and until now he still says he was robbed," Linet Toto said.

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