MP Salasya- I would shave my signature hair if offered 1 million

Salasya says he know his rights and he wont let anyone steal that from him.

• Salasya is a first time MP.

• He says no one and nothing will make him shave his trademark look.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya
Image: Courtesy

Mumias East Mp Peter Salasya has revealed he would only shave his rugged hair if he was offered a million bob.

He says he is OK with the look as it makes him look unique.

Speaking during an interview with Munga Eve, he shared

"No one can make me shave this hair unless someone gives me a million bob.

It makes me look unique.

Women are allowed to wear wigs and weaves so why are men not allowed to rock whatever they want?

There are no standing orders saying someone must shave."

How do other MPs treat him?

"It's like being in  High school, you will be mistreated but with time they get used to it.

If you respect me I will do the same, if you disrespect me I will serve you the same."

In the past Kenyan YouTuber Thee Pluto revealed he was offered 1 million to shave his signature dreadlocks.

Pluto says the offer was made by aspiring politician Wangui B Ng'ang'a.

Speaking during an interview with Mungai Eve he said

" Someone dared me that If I shave my dreads they would give me a million in cash. The offer was made weeks ago.

I thought about it and I finally decided to go through with it. I have not been given the cash but I will receive the cash on Saturday.

I would not have shaved the dreadlocks if there was no money involved, it was my signature look."

Pluto added

"I might return them after a week or a month, my hair my choice. I have had the dreadlocks since 2016."

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