Reason 'apologetic' Peter Salasya bashed Azziad Nasenya over govt job

Salasya has doubled down on his harsh comments about Azziad

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• He somewhat apologized to her.

• He explained about his online rant.

Peter Salasya.
Image: Instagram

Mumias East Mp Peter Salasya aka PK is quite vocal about social matters plus other things affecting the lives of KOT.

The legislator recently share this payslip, revealing after statutory deductions he is left with sh97k from a salary of a million.

"Even if we differ in terms of idealogy we still have a right, the government is still there to take care of our resources. We have the right to ask maendeleo, we are the shareholders of this country."

He told Eve Mungai on Tuesday, March 7, that when he speaks out it's because he is a sober leader who has the best interest of Kenyans at heart. He says this often lands him in the crosshairs of certain people.

From the cost of living to taxation, and cartels among other issues, Salasya is no-holds-barred. He even criticized Tiktoker Azziad after she landed a Government job.

Azziad was among those appointed in the Talanta Hela Kenya initiative, by Sports CS Ababau Namwamba In February.

Salasya defended his sharp reaction, telling Mungai Eve that "He wanted to give her an ambassadorial job to market his county."

He also made controversial comments saying, "Mimi sina shida na Azziad. The problem was with the CS. He told me he was coming for my tournament, but didn't show up. I called him repeatedly na hashiki simu. So if someone doesn't pick up your calls from an MP what about only seeing him na ule mdada. Why talk to her and not me an MP?"

Salasys said he was upset the CS was unavailable, yet he too has concerns about the youth.

"You cannot pick my call and I am looking at you with a socialite, unaona nikamwabia ohh sasa hii ndio unaona iko mzuri we ni fake," he shared.

Salasya bashed the CS, "If you avoid leaders like us, and listen to women, me I do not have a problem with her that is her right."

Then why did he have to drag her inside his issues with the CS?

"Alikuja the time when I was looking for the guy then I'm seeing him with her, so unaona penye challenge inatokelezea , so yeye I congratulate her for the position to serve. She deserves the job, if she qualifies," he apologized.

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