MP Salasya only takes home Sh97k from Sh1.17 million salary!

Kenyans were shocked at how much he was paying for his mortgage

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• The Mp shared it after a national outcry over politicians remarks.

• KOT have reacted to his payslip details.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya
Image: Courtesy

Mumias East Mp Peter Salasya has stirred social media after sharing his payslip online. The vocal MP showed how hefty the deductions on his payslip are, despite earning more than a million shillings in gross salary.

The payslip shows that from a gross Salary of about a million a month, Peter Salasya pockets only Sh97,000 every month after deductions.

He told Kenyans;

"Let me demonstrate to Hon Aaron Cheruiyot, deputy prezda Gachagua my great friend CS Murkomen that all Kenyans have shares in this country. I CONTRIBUTE 300K plus to revenue and the president is the only our watchman for our contributions and it's our right to ask for development."

peter salasya payslip
peter salasya payslip

While his take-home pay is not new because many others over time have shared with Kenyan citizens that they do take home very little, it still elicits sharp reactions from Kenyans who always believe legislators are a cash cow.

Kenyans have reacted to his payslip. Here are the comments below:

@kungs_nations a third of the basic or gross pay threshold has been violated, in our sacco you don't qualify for a loan at that situation.

@abuga_makori Peter Salasya's payslip. MPs earn very little. Maybe most of their money comes from deals and mileage allowances.

hua EBS@Prof_JK_Odongo Unapata net salary kama ya mama mboga 🤣🤣🤣

@JamesKahongeh_ From Sh1.1m to 97k?

aboy__ Wueh, gross salary 1M net 97k. Basi pesa za marally zi hutoka wapi? CDF?

@noahYNWA You should be happy. That's still a lot of money. We are here sleeping hungry. Unga 2kgs retailing @260. I had 150 borrowed. Can't even afford 1kg.had to buy mobile unga, no cooking oil,tomato,onion.just kales.#hustlergovthelpthepeople

@mlesterh Mko na shida my friend. Mortgage contribution taking more than half of your gross pay?

@mossonmerchants Bro 1M+ and after deductions unapata 97K? Na juzi nimeona ukijengea wamama you even remain with a coin? Ama hizi pesa munatoa wapi?

@CzonKim Mtu akilipa Mortgage ya 563k how much is the home worth🥺🥺🥺

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