Martha Karua's Twitter actions raise eyebrows

The tough-talking former Justice minister isn't playing around with the block button

• The Azimio running mate is the top trend on Twitter for her blocking ways.

• Even some Kenyans who supported have claimed that they were also blocked.

The Azimio running mate has gone a blocking spree
Martha Karua The Azimio running mate has gone a blocking spree
Image: The-Star

It seems that some Kenyans might have gotten on the nerves of Azimio la Umoja's running mate, Martha Karua, as she has gone on a Twitter blocking spree.

Keen Twitter users noted that Martha had blocked a legion of people from following her.

It has become such a topic on the online social messaging app that Martha Karua became the top trending topic on the it.

Interestingly, some of the people who raised the issue said that they had been blocked despite being her supporters.

A sample of those comments are below;

KeeruH@Keerulanah Martha Karua is On Twitter BLOCKING even those who Rooted for Her . She was your mother ..Right ?? By Tuesday she’ll only be Boniface Mwangi’s Mother . Assimio

John Chege@johnchege She blocked me for a laughemoji on a trolling. 'Deputy President -Designate' is bitter!

But most Kenyans in the comments section chose violence and went for the jugular with the sentiment being that the former justice minister had blocked more people than the votes she had brought in during the recent general elections.

Evans Rutto Miloo@EvansMiloo254 Martha Karua delivered more blocks on twitter than she delivered the votes to azimio

F1 Novice@mwabilimwagodi So far that Martha Karua account has blocked more people on twitter than the total number of votes she got in Kirinyaga County.

The former Justice Minister has been the top trend on Twitter today
Azimio la umoja one coalition running mate Martha Karua. The former Justice Minister has been the top trend on Twitter today
Image: The-Star

Interestingly enough, Martha's last major tweet on the platform before her blocking rampage was to complain about how Kenya Kwanza was obliterating the opposition.

"This is a deliberate & sustained offensive to decimate the opposition and return the country to a defacto one party state."

Martha isn't the first Kenyan politician to have a tough time on the Twitter streets especially with Kenyans on patrol.

Outgoing president Uhuru himself had to leave the bird network and complained that all he received from it was hateful comments from Kenyans.

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