List: Only people allowed inside Bomas

Tallying began on Thursday, August 11, at the national tallying centre in Bomas

• Commotion has been witnessed at Bomas.

• Agents from the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya divide clashed with United Democratic Alliance (UDA) agents.

Gladys Shollei of Kenya Kwanza carries away a bag with a laptop said to have been sneaked at one of the tables at the national tallying centre at Bomas of Kenya on August 12, 2022

Commotion at the national tallying centre Bomas of Kenya has led to the release of tough new rules by the IEBC.

Late Friday, agents allied to both the UDA and Azimio caused anxiety at Bomas.

The drama began when a section of Azimio La Umoja leaders at Bomas questioned UDA’s Gladys Shollei who was supposedly carrying papers from one desk to another at the auditorium where the verification exercise of the presidential results was ongoing.

“Where is she going with the papers,” Homa Bay Governor elect Gladys Wanga was heard shouting.

Her colleagues Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang and Roza Buyu joined in the protest leading to a commotion.

Explaining the incident, Shollei who was speaking on a local station said that the piece of paper she was holding was a schedule of agents who were due for a shift change.

“I was informing the security at the floor of the falling centre on who was going to replace the current agents when the time came so that they could get clearance from the gate,” she said.

“Excuse can we have some order? Can we have an audience with chief agents? Chief agents please,” shouted IEBC commissioner Abdi Guliye.

The scuffle prompted security officers to intervene. The auditorium was locked and entrances were guarded by officers drawn from General Service Unit (GSU).

As of Sunday at 12.35 am, IEBC had relayed verified results from 116 constituencies out of 290.

"If you are an idler, keep away," Abdi Guliye, the commissioner in charge of operations, ordered that no one shall be allowed to access the auditorium if they are not part of the officials recognized by the commission.

To speed up the verification of results the IEBC only allows the following in the auditorium:

-Presidential agents.

-Chief agents.

-Deputy chief agents.


-Clerks doing the verification process.

-The media and diplomats.

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