Daughter of missing IEBC officer reveals last conversation

Musyoka has been missing for close to four days

• Daniel Musyoka Mbolu is the missing IEBC Returning Officer for Embakasi East

• His daughter confirmed that the call was made 24 hours before he vanished.

in a file photo
Daniel Musyoka in a file photo
Image: Courtesy

The last phone call Daniel Musyoka Mbolu made with his wife Tabitha Mbolu before he disappeared on Thursday, August 11 has been revealed by his daughter.

Daniel Musyoka Mbolu is the missing IEBC Returning Officer for Embakasi East. Prudence Mbolu, Musyoka's daughter, told The Standard that her father's phone conversation was cut off since he appeared to be working at the time.

She confirmed that the call was made 24 hours before he vanished and was the final communication Musyoka's family had with him before he vanished.

Prudence also disclosed her last WhatsApp contact with her father, indicating that she had texted him a supportive message prior to the election.

"Praying for you as the D-Day and counting days approach. You got this," Mbolu stated. 

"Thank you my dear," Musyoka responded shortly after. 

She also said that their attempts to reach him on Thursday, August 11, were unsuccessful since he had turned off his phone.

"On Thursday, August 11, my mother tried to reach him on phone but he was unavailable. We did not give too much thought to it given that IEBC officials were busy tallying the votes."

"In the afternoon, however, we expected to see him announcing the results for Embakasi East Constituency but it was someone different and not him. Upon seeing that, we tried calling him again but he was unavailable," she stated. 

Prudence added that when her father's coworkers wanted to know where he was, they made the initial call to her uncle.

"Musyoka has reportedly been inaccessible since Thursday morning at 9:30, according to my uncle. Colleagues at the tallying center searched for him but were unsuccessful," she said.

Musyoka's phone rang five minutes after he arrived at the tallying center, according to early police investigations.

Police are expediting their inquiries in the search for the IEBC officer with the investigation expanding to include the entirety of Nairobi County and Nakuru County.

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