Karen Nyamu attacks Martha Karua, KOT reacts

Karen Nyamu has been shading Martha Karua for ages

• Kenyans online stood up for Martha Karua and asked Karen to prove her worth, asking her what she has brought to the table to be in a position to dismiss the Azimio running mate.

and UDA's Karen Nyamu
Madam VP: Martha Karua and UDA's Karen Nyamu

Politician Karen Nyamu has found herself on the wrong side of Kenyans online after she attacked Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua.

Martha had just been named the running mate for Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Karen took to her social media and dragged Martha saying, "Politics is a game of numbers, period. Martha Karua pleasi show usi your numbersi. Thanks."

The post garnered over a thousand comments with netizens asking her to show her numbers as well, some were asking her, why her numbers did not bag her a ticket to run for senator of Nairobi under the Kenya Kwanza Alliance.

Like that was not enough, she went ahead and posted again, still mocking Martha.

"Eti in the year 2022 to be asked to demonstrate your political muscle is a preserve of the men. To require the same of a woman is viewed as a sensitive topic hahaha please give me a break! Raila Odinga’s running mate Martha Karua, wapi numbers my friend!"

This is not the first time that Karen has full-on shaded Martha. Even before Azimio had decided who the running mate was, Karen underestimated Martha on a Facebook post.

Karen wrote, "The thorny issue of a running mate has really rocked Azimio. If Baba picks Kalonzo Musyoka, he will go home at 6am, if he picks Gideon Moi he will be home at 5am, if he goes for Martha Karua he will be heading to Bondo by 7am sharp! So it's up to Baba to decide what time he wants to go home, not a vetting panel."

Kenyans took to her comments sections to voice their opinions some were as savage as they came, and others voiced their support for Martha. Others were too graphic to reprint.

Kim Joe: You are just petty and jealous Mrs Samidoh. You can't get where Martha has reached with that kind of attitude

John Odede: Martha has never stolen someone's husband. Ako na heshima zake. Are you still vying for senate au numbers ulikuwa nazo ni ya calculator.

John Muli: Integrity is better than numbers, we don't need numbers the road that leads to hell is wide.

Eunice Machira: Gachagua ni wa kwetu Nyeri but countrywide, how many people know him? On the other side, Martha is well known countrywide… When a woman wins, we win....#TeamMartha.

Jim Omondi: It's not about numbers but leadership and integrity

Ben Oluoch: Focus your energy on twerking to Kenya Kwisha cohorts. Karua is above your pay grade.

Patty Luko: Heri Martha I have known her since I was a kid, uyo wenu I heard his name yesterday for the first time...he is only known in Mathira

Partel Msoh: Integrity, loyalty and competence is more valuable. You cannot understand such if your mind is fully occupied with numbers 'narrative' and being too much naive as well as being green in politics

Elsie Anyango Nyargem: It's really not about numbers...We want change and if we have a woman there some of us are sure to see the change since a woman is involved.

Vickie Blessing: Show us one election you have ever won before you hate another woman! You are only riding on others because you couldn't manage! Kula za Baba na Martha tuko nazo sisi Wakenya na utazijua 9th or you have voted already?

Peter D O Wanyama: I wasn't going to vote but that has changed, I will vote because of Martha!

Ken Simiyu: Martha Karua is not your agemate, you are not competing for anything, yeye si mke wa Samidoh, why are you hating her this much?

Clement Be First: Respect the iron Lady... I'm sure even you will vote her

Prince Mwas: Karua has not been picked to bring votes for baba. She was picked due to her competency. She was the best of all candidates. If baba wanted numbers he would have picked Kalonzo. He picked Karua to change politics in this country

Michael Kariuki: If you had numbers, you would be senator designate for your coalition!

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