• Other celebs who have had to defend their skins tons include Nimo Gachuiri and Eunice Wambui a.k.a Nyasuguta.

Sandra Mbuvi
Sandra Mbuvi

Mike Sonko's last born daughter Sandra Mbuvi has explained to her fans that she has not bleached her skin.

In a candid QnA session with her fans on Instagram, Sandra asked her fans to ask her anything they would like to know.

One fan asked, "Do you have tattoos?"

"No. Like why would you put a sticker on a Bentley?" Sandra responded.

Asked if that is her natural skin tone, a fan blatantly asked, "Why did you bleach, kwani you don't like yourself?"

Sandra said, "I have never bleached myself. I'm all natural babe. I love myself more than anything in this world."

Another fan asked how Sandra deals with hateful comments seeing as she is a public figure who attracts a lot of attention on social media.

She replied, "I just ignore reading negative comments. It is a waste of my time. I just let them hate, when they are tired, they will shut up."

Other celebs who have had to defend their skins tons include Nimo Gachuiri and Eunice Wambui a.k.a Nyasuguta.

During one of her Instagram videos, curious fans noticed Nimo's face was lighter than the rest of her body. 

She did a video, showing how her body was different from her face and explained why.

"Am I crazy? If I wanted to bleach I would have started with my hands. You better look at my hands, I have like a birthmark. It separates, on this side, I have a lighter skin tone and on the other side, it is darker. And my mum is exactly this way, if you have a problem my friend, it is not your problem," Nimo said.

She added;  

"My mum is like that too, and am going to even post a picture of my mum. Her face is brighter, and her body and hands are exactly the way I am. So ask God that question, do not ask me. I am tired. This goes to all those saying I am bleaching my face and forgetting my feet."

Another celebrity is Vitimbi actress Eunice Wambui popularly known as Nyasuguta, she revealed that she bleached her body after she was involved in an accident that left her with dents on her face.

“I know most people who watched me acting in Vitimbi back then see the difference between the then and current Nyasuguta – it’s because I bleached,” she intimated.

She narrated, "I was involved in an accident in 2013. I got dented on the face. The dent was lighter than other parts of my face, consequently making me look like a person who has two facial complexions in one. 

“I saw it wise to bleach so that my face gets an even skin tone. Actually, it is my mum who encouraged me,” she added, before posing: “Imagine a celebrity walking in the streets of Nairobi with dents all over her face; what will people think of her?”

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