• Saumu Mbuvi is Mike Sonko's firstborn daughter.

• Sonko gets emotional when talking about Saumu. She is the apple of his eye.

Saumu Sonko and her dad
Saumu Sonko and her dad
Image: courtesy

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has celebrated his firstborn daughter Saumu with a passionate birthday message.

Sonko thanked Saumu for making him a grandfather at a young age.

Saumu has two girls from her previous relationship.

Sonko also encouraged Saumu to be strong and keep on moving and achieve all that she wishes to.

He then expressed his love for Saumu wishing her a happy birthday.

"I'm proud of you for making me one of the youngest grandfathers in the world. Be strong and keep moving and achieve all that you wish for, Happy birthday my lovely daughter @saumu_mbuvi_7 have a lovely life ahead! I love you so so much."

Saumu's mum, Primerose, also celebrated Saumu for being a good mother and wished her a great year ahead.

Saumu's baby daddy, Ben Gatu, shared a photo of her, accompanied by a sweet message.

He wrote;

"In my youth, I met a great soul and in our youth, we made memories and a daughter. You gave me a female version of me and forever will be grateful.

On your birthday, I wish you joy, love good health, success, greatness and above all, favour in God's eyes and men (Lakini si mafisi) in the year ahead. Happy born day Saumu," he said.

Saumu reposted Gatu's message, and she wrote;

"Thank you ❤️."

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