• "Old enough to know better, young enough to not care." - Winnie Odinga 

Raila Odinga's last born daughter Winnie Odinga celebrated her birthday yesterday. 

Winnie, took to social media to share a photo of herself by the pool. This could be the location where Winnie's birthday party took place as the decor read 'Chogo' a name that is in her social media bio. 

"Thank you all for making me feel so lucky on my birthday! Every single birthday wish was special to me. The best gift was being reminded of what wonderful friends and family I have! I thank God for my blessings," she penned. 

Winnie's message attracted reactions, with netizens wishing her a belated happy birthday. 

One asked Winnie how old she is now, she responded; 

"Old enough to know better, young enough to not care."

Another man decided to shoot his shot on Winnie. 

"Kuja hapa Kilimani tukule lunch alafu niko na gift yako," he told the daughter of Raila Odinga. 

A cheeky Winnie responded; " Tuma Fare Kwanza"

Last year, Winnie caused social media buzz after saying she will get married after her father Raila assumes office as the 5th President of Kenya. 

“ Winnie Odinga will get married in 2022, on the lawns of State House, And you are all invited, so if you want that to happen, go register to vote,” she said.

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