Maria actor Dorea Chege on being threatened

And one thing you need to know, I am not a coward - Dorea Chege

Dorea Chege alias Maggie
Image: Instagram

Maria actress Maggie - real name Dorea Chege has come out to state that she has recieved threaths for announcing her political bid for the Nairobi Women Representative seat.

A confident Dorea Chege took to her Instagram to tell off her detractors.

"I'm vying for the seat of Women Rep Nairobi. I'm not happy, I'm receiving messages and calls of threat from you guys. Let me tell you guys, I'm not stepping down," She laughed sarcastically.

Adding, "I'm not stepping down. And one thing you need to know, I am not a coward."

She continued, "I may not have that money but let me tell you tupatane kwa debe. Kura iongee. (let us meet at the ballot. The votes will decide.)"

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