'I almost commited suicide at City Hall,' Mike Sonko reacts on DJ Lithium's death

Mike Sonko mourned DJ Lithium and urged men to open up.

• Mike Sonko says 'friends' incited him to disrespect one of his bosses only to chicken out of the plan later on.

Mike Sonko
Mike Sonko
Image: Courtesy

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has opened up on being stressed and having suicidal thoughts. 

While reacting to the death of Capital FM's DJ Lithium, Sonko said most men fear speaking up when stressed or depressed. 

"DJ Lithium commits suicide at Capital Fm offices. Aki sisi Wanaume at times we go through a lot of stress and depression and don't open up to friends like how women discuss their issues with fellow women coz 90% of our own silent enemies are our own friends," Sonko said on DJ Lithium's death.

The ex-city boss went ahead to give an example of his own predicaments at City Hall that gave him suicidal thoughts. 

"There was a time I almost commit suicide at city Hall after realising my close friends at the county assembly and one from EALA incited and advised me kuanza vita na beste yangu fulani after realising kuna Jeshi aliletwa kurun NMS na walipoona..pesa mingi aneenda nayo uko," Sonko wrote. 

The former governor added that the 'friends' incited him to disrespect one of his bosses only to chicken out of the plan later on.

"Tulipo kaa chini kama mabeste kudiscuss wakanichocha ati huyu Mdosi sasa ametuzoea hebu mvuruge live live na head on after which at the same time wakaenda kwa tu the same mdosi kumwambia ona vile Sonko anakuvuruga afadhali huyu mtu tumtoe.Nikajua Kumbe kikulacho ki nguoni mwako. Jichungeni sana na mabeste wanaojifanya loyal kwa sura kumbe kwa roho ni sumu. RIP DJ LITHIUM," Sonko concluded. 

DJ Lithium took his life at the Capital FM studios on Wednesday night.

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