Heartless DJ Lithium from Canada outrages Kenyans

The late DJ Lithium
Image: Courtesy

Kenyans woke up to the news that Capital FM DJ, Alex Nderi, aka DJ Lithium, had committed suicide yesterday night at the Capital FM offices.

Most Kenyans went to Twitter to confirm the news but were met by another DJ Lithium whose cold and insensitive messages read,

"I'm not dead. just the imposter in Kenya is. #capitalFM @djlithium There can be only one!!!"

before justifying his callous remarks by saying, that Lithium had refused to stop using his trademark. He alleged that the late Alex had also passed off some of his mixes and early tracks as his own. That was until the Canadian DJ's fans caught him.

For effect, he wrote, "F*ck that imposter. He never was. He was a thief."

He then accused Capital FM of allowing the late Alex to use his work, writing, "What is insensitive is him ignoring my requests to stop using my DJ name and Capital FM going along with it."

But Kenyans were having none of DJ Lithium's excuses and called him out in the comments section. Some of those responses are below:

PaulineWamukowa Well our Kenyan own DJ Lithium is no more. 

Gerald Butler Why so mean.

Chris@Ngaruthi What exactly is wrong with you fool?

𝐉𝐆@JamalGaddafi This is unnecessary and insensitive.

Fineapple Well, he is dead. Chill…

A. Loren Sir. You've established yourself. This is now a private matter between you and his estate. Meanwhile, 'the Kenyans', are grieving. They don't understand you and you won't gain support this morning at this moment.

ShiHappy You are wrong.He didn't steal your http://trademark.You registered yours in Canada and not in Kenya. So, even in death, DJ Lithium from Kenya is legit and had every right to use the stage name in Kenya. No claim for trademark infringement without registration. Talk to your lawyers to register your trademarks across the globe and stop being so mean when others are mourning. 

What the Canadian Dj Lithium might not realise is that the late Alex chose his name solely based on the fact that he loved Chemistry while in High School.

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