Charles Njonjo, the first Attorney General of post-independence Kenya passed on yesterday. Yesterday, his family spoke to reporters about the last moments of a man who was an icon in Kenyan politics.

Carey Ngini, a son-in-law to the late Njonjo spoke on behalf of the family and disclosed that Mzee had been exuberant and energetic on January 1st as he spent the new year with his family.

Even on the night of the 1st, Njonjo spoke to family members on a range of topics, after which he showed signs of weakness before proceeding to bed.

But that weakness was to herald some sad news as the 'Duke of Kabeteshire' as he was nicknamed, started experiencing breathing difficulties at 5.15 am, Sunday morning.

David Silverstein, who was his personal doctor and also served the late President Daniel Moi, declared him dead a few minutes later. The cause of his death was pneumonia, after his lungs collapsed.

"Njonjo has been unwell for quite a while. He was battling one ailment to another despite his age. But this morning (Sunday) at around 5.15 am he breathed his last."

Ngini concluded that Mr. Njonjo had been surrounded by his family at the moment of death and that it had been a peaceful one.

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