Amina's daughter Firyal and her dad
Amina's daughter Firyal and her dad
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Firyal Nur, the daughter of CS Amina Mohammed, has paid tribute to her late dad.

Through her Instagram stories, Firyal remembered her dad Khalid Ahmed who passed away at the Karen Hospital after a short illness this year.

"To my great surprise, the sun still rises without you. It isn't as warm, bright, or brilliant, but it shows up every day. A reminder that I, too, must carry on. I miss you, dad," she wrote.

After his death the grieving daughter of Sports CS Ambassador Amina Mohamed penned down an emotional message to mourn her late dad, Khalid Ahmed.

She described her dad as her world.

"You are my sun, my moon, my universe, my beginning, my end. Without you, I am lost, daddy. I wish we could light up the whole universe for you."

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