Over the years, Esther Passaris has often made it on best-dressed lists for her stunning, elegant and classy style.

The Nairobi Women's Rep is again in the headlines as far as her dressing goes after going to a Borana cultural function dressed in the traditional garb.

The mother of 2 looked gorgeous in the attire and posted the images on her Instagram page. Her caption read, 

"About last night. With the Borana Community celebrating their culture and heritage at the Bomas of Kenya. The infusion of different cultures and traditions is what makes our nation great. Let's celebrate them all."

The comments section was filled with appreciation for her with some calling her an inspiration.

Some quick facts about the Borana community in Kenya that you might not know are below. Source (artsandculture.google.com).

1. The Borana community is the largest sub-ethnic group of the Oromo-speaking people. They are a Cushitic linguistic group in Kenya.

Other Oromo communities in Kenya include the Gabra, Orma and the Sakuye. The name Borana means 'free', in reference to their nomadic nature.

The Borana migrated from southern Ethiopia to Northern Kenya and they mainly live in Marsabit and Isiolo Counties.

The Borana were ruled by 43 Abba Gada after migrating into Kenya. The Borantiti (council of elders) had a moral dimension of peaceful well-being and respect for a common law. 

Before the spread of Islam, the Borana believed in a monotheistic communication through intermediary priests (Qalla).

They believed that objects such as trees, springs, and rocks had spirits. Today, some Borana are Muslims while others are Christians.

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