• Sonko called the people who voted for Sandra to thank them personally. 

Sandra Mbuvi
Image: Instagram

Sandra Mbuvi, the daughter of former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has been nominated for the Scream Africa Women awards. 

Sandra will be competing for the brand influencer of the year category. 

Mike Sonko congratulated Sandra, asking his supporters to vote for her. 

"Dear Sandra Mbuvi, Your hard work finally paid off. I feel so proud of you my daughter, congratulations on your nominations as Brand Influncer of the year, your achievements and creativity has done all this. May you bag this," Sonko shared on his social media. 

In a video on his social media, Sonko took the initiative of thanking the people who have voted for his daughter. 

He said that he would send them a token of appreciation, but does not want to interfere with the process. 

He called the people who voted for Sonko to thank them personally. 

"After voting, put your number here plus evidence, i will do a video to say thank you. This time there is no Mpesa, they will say we are rigging," he said.

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