Photos of Juliani and Lilian Nganga that are causing an uproar.
Photos of Juliani and Lilian Nganga that are causing an uproar.

Kenyans on Twitter woke up to bloody vayolensssssss over Juliani and Lillian Nganga's cute photos posted by Boniface Mwangi.

He captioned the photo, "Life is short, don't let religion or societal expectations make you stay in an unhappy relationship. Go where you're loved. If you have loved once, you can love and be loved again.

Love is a choice. Love is beautiful. Don't be afraid to love whoever you want to love." 

Bonny added, "I'm here to offend those men who behave like their partners are personal assets. Assets are dead things, they have no feelings or emotions.

Partners have flesh and blood, they can move on and you can do nothing about it. Money doesn't make a man, manners do.Pesa bila tabia ni sumu,"

The photos of the new couple has brought about acrimony to a point where Juliani had to go on the record and explain why they were posted.

Check that out below.

Now, Lillian has come out to explain the whole drama.

"Two things. 1. These photos were posted by our friend and in NO WAY WHATSOEVER are they meant to hurt anybody."

She added, "2. My main concern though, @MikeSonko, is why should @JulianiKenya's life be in danger for being with me?"

Check out reactons on the tweet below.

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