•"Thank you Deep state and system for removing me as Governor." -Mike Sonko

Mike Sonko
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Ex-Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has thanked fellow politicians for impeaching him.

Sonko says the impeachment was a blessing in disguise for the freedom he now enjoys.

He no longer walks around with bodyguards and he has time to spend with his family and friends.

Sharing a video of himself on a random drive, Sonko tells his fans and followers;

"Good morning everyone, unaona hii maisha hakuna stress? Peke yako no bodyguards. A stress-free life is good.

Thank you Deep state and system for removing me as Governor."

Stress free life is good. Thank you Deep state and system for removing me as Governor.

Posted by Mike Sonko. on Friday, October 8, 2021

Below are some of the reactions to Sonko's video

Naftally Mathangani:  · Come I am at Hawassa Ethiopia, we will have Injera and churu for lunch and down it with a beer. Don't say no I know you are free.

Kimathi Humble: Sonko nipe kazi ya Ku taste mzinga zako na shash kama ziko na poison.

Michael Karauri. Life with no responsibility is quite okay life brother. You get time with your family and friends too.

Muraura Judy : Wewe ni governor hata hio yakutolewa we don't remember.

Namasaka Kashororo Stephens: Hope you learned a moral lesson.Next time we're taking you back to your seat.The most loved governor in Kenya. Long live Mike Sonko.

Hezron Mbugua.You should know people and how to stay with them Wewe u we're fighting all through rather seek the Wisdom of how to tackle the challenges and character.

Geoffrey Kapesa  · Walikutoa as governor but the title will forever remain. You remain the 2nd governor of the city. Period.

What do you miss most about Governor Mike Sonko?

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