• Zainab Chidzuga called all her children and grandchildren to her house.

Mwaniasha CHidzuga with her late mum, Zainab.
Mwaniasha CHidzuga with her late mum, Zainab.
Image: Courtesy

Media personality Mwanaisha Chidzuga has opened up on losing her mother a month ago. 

Speaking to Radio Jambo's Massawe Japanni, Mwanaisha revealed that her mum's death was a shock to the family. 

When her mother, Zainab Chidzuga died, Mwanaisha was with her at a hospital in Nairobi. 

"I was with her in the hospital when everything was being done. We had spoken a day before, because of her condition she could not speak much. But wherever she is, she is at peace, that's the most important," Mwanaisha shared.  

The ex-journalist revealed that her mum was a strong pillar in her family and her personal advisor. 

"Before she died, she called all her children and grandchildren in the house. She cooked for us pilau and kaimati, we ate lunch together," she recalled. 

Mwanaisha owes her success to her mother, who taught her how to relate with people and listen. 

"I thank God for giving me a mother like Zainab Chidzuga, a strong mother who believes in herself. She wished everyone well and was forgiving."

Zainab Chidzuga succumbed to COVID-19 related complications at a Nairobi hospital on August 12. 

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