• Racheal Shebesh- ''Today, I am in this party, then I'm in this one. I wonder is it worth it. By the time you realize its too late.''

Rachel Shebesh
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi Women Representative Racheal Shebesh says serving the county was a privilege.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo on Thursday, Shebesh said serving the less fortunate children in Nairobi County was her best project.

''It was a privilege to be the first women rep. The best project I did while I held that position is serving physically challenged people.

I made sure I built classes for disabled children so they become integrated with other pupils in schools.

I was not doing that to get votes, but that was my legacy in politics.''

During the interview, Shebesh spoke about the struggles she went through while in politics.

''Some are personal and others are work-related. If you know Shebesh, you know she has been struggling politically. Her story is an open book.

Today, I am at this party, then I'm at this one. I wonder is it worth it. By the time you realize it's too late. It a matter of life and death. And even by the time I was vying for the second time, it was not that serious. I was even friends with Esther Passaris.''

Shebesh spoke about being a teen mom.

''I got a child at the age of 19 years and delayed attending University. I had just finished form four. I have come to realize that I don't mourn my friends well.

I have lost friends in my life. Losing the late Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso and her sister Lona who I was not really prepared for.

For Joyce [Laboso], I was mentally prepared. I try not to grieve at all but go through it emotionally."

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