10 notable people who've gone public with cancer diagnosis

• Here is a list of  famous people who've battled cancer

Actress Bwire Ndubi, King Charless III and Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo

Notable people who've gone public with cancer diagnosis

Following the announcement of King Charles III's cancer diagnosis on February 6, messages of support have flooded in from across the world.

His diagnosis was caught early according to his handler's announcement.

The 75-year-old King has suspended some of his duties and is receiving treatment as an outpatient.

Here is our list of notable people across the world who've shared their diagnosis:

1. King Charles

Royal handlers made public the British Monarchs medical condition on February 6. 

2. Late Namibian President Hage Geingob

The late Namibian President died on February 4, 2024.

The 82-year-old died early on Sunday while receiving medical treatment at a hospital in the capital, Windhoek.

He revealed his diagnosis in January 2024. The exact cause of his death was not given but in January, he underwent "a two-day novel treatment for cancerous cells" in the US before flying back home on 31 January, his office said.

3. Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyongo

The politician was diagnosed in July 2010 with stage three prostate cancer. He wrote an article announcing his news.

"In July 2010, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Nairobi. I have been taking my annual physical health examinations for several years and in July such an examination revealed a rather high level of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)," he stated.

4. Venezuelan Pres Hugo Chavez

He died in 2013 after a two-year battle with cancer. He had been undergoing numerous surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment for an undisclosed type of pelvic cancer.

On June 30, 2011, Chavez announced on TV from Cuba that he had a cancerous tumor removed from his pelvic region. He later said that the tumor extracted was the size of a baseball.

5. Late Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

The 61-year-old CEO succumbed to Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2019.

AML is a rare form of blood cancer.

He revealed how he was initially misdiagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency instead of AML.

 Safaricom confirmed that he had passed away at home. 

6. Brazil's Ex-President Luiz Da Silva

In 2011, he was diagnosed with Throat Cancer.

7. Paraguay Fernando Lugua

In 2010, the leader was diagnosed with a malignant tumor.

Doctors discovered the lymphoma after carrying out a biopsy on a gland they had removed from Mr Lugo's groin during minor surgery.

8. Ex-US President Jimmy Carter

Doctors discovered that Carter had melanoma, one of the most common cancers affecting men and women in the U.S. and the most dangerous form of skin cancer. 

In 2015, he said that an MRI of his head and neck revealed that the cancer had spread to four different parts of his brain.

Carter, who was 90 years old at the time, said that when he discovered that the cancer had spread, he thought he didn't have much time left, which didn't alarm him.

9. Frances' ex-Pres Francois Mitterrand

He died in 1996 from prostate cancer.

Mr Mitterrand was president until 1995 and died in 1996 from prostate cancer aged 79. He concealed his illness from the public until 1992 when he had surgery.


10. Actress Bwire Ndubi 

Kenyan actress Bwire Ndubi, well known by her stage name "Dida," is looking for funding in order to raise Sh7 million for medical care abroad.

For the past two years, she has been fighting metastatic breast cancer. She said in a statement on Instagram.

For the past few months, the actress has been running a fundraiser for specialized treatment in India as she battles cancer.

Bwire's popularity increased as a result of the Kenyan drama series "Sultana."

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