'She was very angry' Lizzie Wanyoike's daughter shares mother's reaction after cancer diagnosis

• Lizzie Wanyoike was NIBS founder.

•  She died aged 72.

NIBS CEO Lizzie Wanyoike
NIBS CEO Lizzie Wanyoike
Image: Facebook

NIBS founder Lizzie Wanyoike is today being buried.

Lizzie passed away last week after a long battle with cancer.

The news of her battle with cancer were only made public after her death.

Her daughter Stella, Wanjiru, Lizzie started getting ill five years ago.

Despite travelling to different hospitals,no diagnosis was made during the early years of her ailment.


"For over five years she wasn't feeling well.

But the last three years her ill health started to escalate.

Whenever she was attending school meetings, board meetings etc. she was sick ."

Stella added that at the time they were becoming frustrated as doctors could not determine what was wrong with their mum.

"She visited many doctors but nothing was diagnosed, she spared no expenses to find out what was wrong with her.

We traveled to India, US desperate to find out what was ailing her.

We used to think not knowing was worse than knowing, until we found out the truth."

What was Lizzie's reaction to the diagnosis?

"Her first reaction was she was very angry. She couldn't understand how specialists missed a disease so devastating.

But she quickly put on her armour preparing for the battle ahead. In 2023 she fought hard.

We truly believed she would recover.

Cancer did not win, our God has taken our mum home." She concluded

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