Angry Kirinyaga residents burn cattle thieves

Kirinyaga residents feel boundary crossed after their cattle's go missing

Piece by: Shakila mohammed

• Kirinyaga residents earlier today took the law into their own hands.

• Area chief warned the residents of taking the law onto their own hands.

Image: Daniel Quiceno M for Unsplash

Earlier today, two thieves were caught unawares by Kirinyaga residents and out of anger, the residents burnt them to ashes.

The two local thieves were accused of stealing and slaughtering 4 cows in one of the area villages.

According to the residents, the two suspects were driving a Toyota Probox vehicle which was found loaded with fresh cattle meat.

It was reported that the incident happened in an area identified as Kathiriku village in Riagiceru location, Murinduko ward in Mwea.

One of the residents identified as Regina Wanjiku, said that she quickly raised an alarm after realising that her two cows were no more.

She started;

“I raised alarm after learning that my two cows had been stolen, and the residents responded quickly.” 

She continued;

“We found four cows in the vehicle; skinned and beheaded. One of the heads was that of my cow."

The area chief, Elias Munene Kiura, confirmed the incident and noted that the two suspects were local residents and from within.

After reports that the mob had caught the 2 thieves and that they were taking the law on their hands, the area police officer and chief tried to rescue them but all efforts were in vain.

“The police were forced to shoot in the air in an attempt to scare the mob, but were overpowered,” noted  Chief Kiura.

Angry residents later expressed themselves saying that they depend on livestock, therefore they demanded utmost security in the region.

Although they burned the thieves, their chief warned them about mob justice.

“As local leaders, we have warned people against engaging in mob justice. There is no way we can obtain important information from suspects, which can help in investigations,” he finished.

Mwea East sub-county Police Commander Mr. Daniel Kitavi said that the police are hunting down other suspects but cautioned residents against mob justice.

The charred remains of the suspects were taken to Kerugoya hospital mortuary.

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