Increased church break-ins leave Nakuru residents worried

Churches seem to be no longer sacred

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• In the past it was unheard of to hear churches being robbed.

• Earlier this years robbers invaded ACk church in Murang'a town and stole four TV screens that were used to broadcast God's word in the church

Kenyan worship houses are now at great risk. Seems no one is to be trusted not inside or outside the church frame.

There have been a lot of theft cases that have left residents in Molo, Nakuru County de-crie a rise in insecurity.

Speaking to Citizen Tv, locals said cases of crossing boundaries have risen and with churches in the area being the most targeted.

It was reported that the latest cases from the same region left three churches broken into.

The incident happened Wednesday night, with the gang making away with property worth thousands of shillings.

"The thugs made away with a display screen at the Molo Presbyterian Church of East Africa," Michael Gachie, the chairperson of the church said.

All sounds cruel to believers and shock to netizens. why would people invade a church?

Have people lost faith or its these harsh economic times?

They are a lot of unanswered questions.

Molo residents and local leaders have appealed for the deployment of police to conduct patrols in the area, with local leaders demanding a change of guard in the security team.


"We are calling for an overhaul of the security officials in Molo. This is a perennial issue that has long remained unsolved," area Member of the County Assembly Joseph Ngware said.

 Earlier this year robbers invaded ACk church in Murang'a town and stole four TV screens that were used to broadcast God's word in the church.

It is claimed that the thieves first tied the church's soldiers before performing the ill activity.

Kenyans online have reacted over the crime claiming that the activity is a disrespect to God's house.

To highlight some of the concluded comments;

77wc12 Whoever can think of stealing in a Church has his life in doom. I have a history of guys who robbed Churches and they don't end well.

marywachira I mean churches are not sacred anymore 🤷it's all about who has a fancy church and more congregation 🤦money run churches now. Lord help us

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