Boda Boda operators cry foul over increased insecurity

Bondo Cyclists plea for quick action from the region police.

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• Members of motorcycle association in Bondo crying over increased insecurity in the region.

• Boda Boda riders have been on the look out after several posts of snatching peoples belonging in Kenya.

Boda boda rider
Image: The-Star

Kenyan Boda Boda Operators have been on the look after gangs resorted to using their mode of transport to snatch people's belongings, as it provides quick getaways from crime scenes.

It has been reported that the Boda Boda operators in Bondo, Siaya County are now crying over an increased and growing insecurity.

The daily motorcycle theft across the region has pushed the local boda-boda union chairperson Boaz Ajuoga to call out for help from the area police.

Boaz said that at least 20 motorbikes were stolen in the last week.

He started;

"Theft of motorbikes has become rampant, especially during the night. We are hereby appealing to the police to heighten security to contain the situation."

He pleaded with the authorities to conduct a serious investigation and ensure the perpetrators are arrested and brought to book.

The members of the motorcycle association reported that the thieves normally remove the registration plates from the stolen motorbikes.

The removal of the number plates normally gives them a rough time in tracking their assets and for that reason, one member of the association that all Boda Boda cyclists won't be allowed to cycle without a number plate.

"Going forward, no boda-boda operator will be allowed to use a motorcycle with no number plate," a member told Citizen Digital.

The association members have appealed to the public to volunteer information that will help bring the perpetrators to book.

Lately, there have been cases of boda-bodas endangering people's lives and according to a survey conducted, it was noted that more than 24 counties were affected.

 Most of the armed robberies at Mpesa shops, shopping malls, and estates are now carried out by gangs on motorbikes.

It is on this basis, fuelled by “greed and desire for quick money” that the youthful riders have resorted to criminal activities.

The report shows it is riskier to ride on a Boda Boda from 7pm to around midnight as that is the time most of the passengers are mugged or waylaid.

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