Kindiki's mental health plan for police officers

Kithure Kindiki intends to review the terms of service of Kenya Police Officers once he's appointed as interior CS

Piece by: Naomi Waweru

• The CS-in-waiting mentioned about taking care of the welfare of police officer's mental health 

• He spoke during his vetting before the 15-member Committee on Appointments on Tuesday.

Speaks on his plans to address the mental health of Kenyan police Officers
Kithure Kindiki Speaks on his plans to address the mental health of Kenyan police Officers
Image: The Star

Interior CS nominee Kithure Kindiki suggested a plan to introduce a mental wellness center for Kenyan police before the 15-member Committee on Appointments on Tuesday.

During his vetting for the CS nominees happening this week, the lawyer suggested the plan after confessing his net worth of Sh544 million.

'"I believe the issues around mental issues in the police service are linked to work-related stress. I intend to equip, expand and fully capitalize the wellness and counseling unit which I intend to link with the soon-to-be-established NPS hospital and the Kenya Prisons Service hospital," he said.

 Kindiki said if he is appointed, he will effect his intention through the soon-to-be-completed National Police Service and Kenya Prisons Service hospitals.

The nominated CS explained that it would be a good venture for the officers when equipped with the right psychiatric experts.

According to Kindiki, for a long time, police officers have been ignored and given poor terms of conditions something he plans to review once in office and deploy funds from their budget to see this through.

"The Kenya Kwanza manifesto has vowed to review the terms of service for police officers and some of the complains officers make are right and justified," he said.

"We shall be looking at how we will handle that within the resource constraints of the country within the mandate of the Salaries Remuneration Commission but one way of achieving the non-benefits aspects of welfare is by reviewing the existing ministry's budget to remove non-co-expenditure and deploy it to facilitate officers."

The leading cause of mental unrest among Kenyan Police is believed to have been caused by the awful working conditions for the police.

National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has already created a policy that caters to the physical well-being of police officers.

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