Distraught man left with newborn dumped by gf for rich Nigerian man in Kileleshwa

• Speaking to YouTuber Trudy Kitui, the distraught man said that everything appeared okay between them until day three.

The affected man
Image: Trudy Kitui

A man who was left with a four-day-old baby has described his experience as heartbreaking because his baby mama deserted him for a wealthy man.

The man shared a TikTok video, rocking the newborn to sleep, as he captioned his sorrow.

"God remember me with four days baby. Her mother ran away four days after birth to a rich Nigerian man in Kileleshwa," he added using crying emojis.

He even tagged the said wife on her social media, accusing her of leaving him a single dad.

Speaking to YouTuber Trudy Kitui, the distraught man recalled the happy moments leading to the labour and delivery. He said that everything appeared okay between them until day three.

"Day four I went to the cyber to make my CV to apply for another job, I was busy there when I saw a phone call coming in. Kumbe it was my neighbour, who was calling me to ask me why we had left the baby all alone int he house," he shared.

The neighbor was horrified that a newborn was all alone. So he quickly left the cyber cafe to run home and find out what was going on.

"Nikapata mtoto alikuwa amelala hapa," showing a couch to the media.

"The baby was sleeping on the seat and on looking some more, I found there were no baby clothes. So I tried calling the mother, but my phone wasn't going through. We used the neighbor's phone, but she cut the call off. Luckily, I had her best friend's number. I tried that number but she also wasn't answering my call."

The BFF called back hours later.

"Jioni ndio alikuja akanipigia and told me she was busy. I explained my reason for calling her then she told me that the mother fo my child is in Kilelelshwa, where she has been dating another man and that man has been giving her money. Apparently according to the best friend, that rich man had told my wife not to live with a broke man, a man who has nothing."

The best friend described the wealthy man as a Nigerian national, "The best friend told me it's a Nigerian man. So I don't know which side of Kileleshwa. But he is a rich man."

Watch the interview below:

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