Watch: Luo man weeps furiously after gf unceremoniously dumps him

• "It's killing me, God help me please. God help me, I leave it in the hands of God. One day these tears that you brought upon my life, will come back to you," the man could be heard saying.

"It hits different!" was the opening statement made by a Kenyan man who shared a video crying about being dumped.

The man wept as he shared his tough journey in love.

"It hit me so much, so badly, the woman you pick from nowhere, you give your everything, always comparing you with other men who have more money than you," he lamented.

"Always bringing silly mistakes, bringing you down and every time you have problems. she wants out," he added while wiping his face and nose.

He expressed his frustration at being taken for granted.

"She always just brings unnecessary quarrels. Somebody doesn't appreciate you at all. She is just there. You do all you can. You give everything you pay her child's school fees, you give her food, good food, you make sure that she doesn't lack."

He felt that she didn't appreciate his effort and sacrifice.

"You make sure you don't even buy clothes -for yourself- then she is there right now 'I want out.'"

He also described his frustration with her jealous nature,

"You can't even talk to anybody. friend, any female friend, like even colleagues, every time I want out, this thing hurts," he shouted weeping even more.

"Honestly if I don't get married nobody should ask me why. I wish her all the best. I don't have powers to change her mind. I don't have powers to change everything she has decided. It is what it is," he cried out.

"This thing hurts, it really hurts, especially when you devote yourself to a relationship, you give your all. Where did I ever go wrong? What did I ever do wrong? Why can't it always be right with me? I tried to love, I never knew I could be in this situation. I never knew it could hit me this bad," he implored for help.

"It's killing me, God help me, please. God help me, I leave it in the hands of God. One day these tears that you brought upon my life, will come back to you."

The man added that he was aware the crying video would elicit criticism.

"I don't care. I know what I am going through I know the pain I know the pain in my heart right now. I know how I am hurting. I'm really hurting," lamenting his efforts to maintain the relationship.

Watch the video below:

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