SDA men do not cheat - man boldly declares


The man's bold declaration that men from the Seventh Day Adventist church do not cheat has left netizens amused.

A man has recently left the socials in stirs with a debate as he claims that SDA churchgoers do not cheat on their spouses.

The man's bold declaration that men from the Seventh Day Adventist church do not cheat has left netizens amused at the words as some consider the preacher's words ironic while others seemed to agree with him.

The man asserted that SDA men possess a unique and profound connection with God.

He further claimed that their journey from the beginning to their current state is intricately linked to a divine experience and that their spiritual journey instills values that deter them from engaging in behaviors that might compromise the glory of god hence not cheating on their spouses. 

" SDA men have a unique experience with God. They are not just there because they exist they have a beginning, their story from the beginning to where they are is because of god himself. 

Such experience will not make them bend low to certain behaviors that mean or reduce the glory of God in heaven the experience of SDA men makes them not cheat and makes them honest, faithful, and committed," the man stated. 

The man's words have since sparked a debate on socials with some of the netizens finding his words amusing as they termed them ironic, while others supported the man of 'God's' words. 

Marcus_Assignment Helper: Even the SDA men are shocked.

Winnie:不不不不不let me laugh as an SDA woman

Carol Woodley116: it doesn't matter what people want to think about Adventists we are one of the most decent people that walk on earth may God continue to bless us to walk right in his sight 荊莞荊

ebbymusoga'; 不不不不不不the way 3 are hitting on me and they are married 不不不不

Aluochjoy: Very true man of God, they don't and will never cheat, hallelujah SDA men

Blacky Ma: even the congregation was wondering what he was saying.

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