'You have already failed in life!' Lady tells women aged over 30 and not married

• The video has elicited a lot of anger from her fellow women.

The lady
Image: Courtesy

A mature woman has found herself in a conflict with her fellow women on the TikTok platform after creating videos criticising women who do not have romantic partners.

According to the lady, any woman reaching the age of 30 without a stable marriage and financial stability is not worthy.

She claimed that any woman over the age of 30 without a husband and wealth should immediately start introspecting and see herself as someone who has failed miserably in life.

"If you're a woman without a partner and you're in your 30s, if you don't have a good profession, a good business, or even enjoying the good life of a young woman, forgive me for saying that you have already failed in life," she began.

She went on to say that the age of 30 should be a retirement plan for women, questioning what they did in their 20s, which is meant to secure their jobs and focus.

"What were you doing in your 20s? That time should have been about building yourself. Why didn't you invest in yourself, in your business, in your profession? In your 30s, this should be the age of planning retirement for a woman. It's time to retire from the streets and focus on something you want to do," she added.

In the video, she concluded that any woman who has not found her way can head towards depression and even psychological impact.

"If you haven't planned yourself at this age, then you are directly heading towards stress because think about it, if you are 30 without a partner, your married friends see you as a threat because they will see you as trying to take away their men," she added.

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