Teacher commits suicide, asks woman who rejected him to read his eulogy on Valentines

• Embu teacher commits suicide and leaves instructions for his burial on Valentines day

The Embu Teacher

A teacher in Embu has allegedly committed suicide after being rejected by a woman he was pursuing.

In a note left behind, the teacher allegedly asked the area MCA to organize his send-off and have the woman who rejected him read his eulogy.

The teacher also noted that he should be buried on Valentine’s Day, which is next week. The teacher also provided a photo that will be added to his burial programme.

"I may look stupid, but I have shared my stress with 17 people, and none talked to me. Let's meet in heaven," Part of his suicide note reads.

He briefly informed via Facebook that people should organize an event set for the 14th of February. 

"Evening members when you are stressed you just need one friend to share with. Meanwhile, I invite you to my function on 14/2/2024," he said.

The man was very specific about the roles his friends should play in his final send-off.

The long note read.

(1) Jua decided to rest in peace I have tried all means but all has been in vain.

- Phides Wambui Munyi to read the eulogy

-Burial to take place on 14/2/204(Next Wednesday)

-I should be buried at Kavebgero kwa Ithagu

-All my property to be distributed to my children if any

-JM Thiriko speaker and Sammy Tito (MCA) to organize my send-off.

-This picture to be added in my burial programme

-Phides Wambui Munyi I promised to love you till my last breath

He protested at how he tried to open up to his closest family and friends in a concluding note, expressing his frustration and decision to take his life

"I may look stupid but I have shared my stress with 17 people none talked to me lets meet in heaven."


"I have pleaded with Phides but all has fallen on deaf ears"

He signed off the note "I love you all"

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