'Sijawaichukia sura ya mtu kama huyu!' Nasra fuming over internet troll

• The comedian even shared receipts of the troublesome troll.

Nasra Yusuf
Image: Instagram

Comedian Nasra is fighting back against an internet troll who has been creating multiple accounts to abuse her.

Nasra exposed the social media user, calling her out for her terrible behavior. The original account has really upset the comedian.

"I have never seen anyone so obsessed with me kama huyu chizi. I keep blocking her she creates a million other accounts aii...si mtu huchoka?!!!" she said.

Instagram normally recommends other new accounts they may have created, and Nasra also shared screenshots of the same.

"Sijawaichukia sura ya mtu sijui kama huyu Nkt!!!!"

The subject matter that the internet troll is abusing Nasra about is her divorce. Nasra's marriage ended in 2021, which was seven months after getting married. This is the focus of the internet troll.

"Yaani all her comments are about how ooh your marriage didnt work, oohh uliachwa na kaka yetu, oohhh mrudie kaka braza uache kukaaa shida aiiiiii hata mm nilisha heal na nikamove on, shida na huyu ni gani?! Nimejam!!" she continued ranting.

There were allegations that cheating was the reason for the end of her marriage. She denied this when the news went viral.

In an interview at the time with Swahili newscaster Ankali Ray, Nasra said cheating was not the reason she broke up with Rashid.

According to Nasra, they both did not agree on some issues, and that led to their breakup.

"We officially separated four months ago. We were living together as a husband and wife."

Asked why they broke up, Nasra said she was not okay to explain the whole issue since there were feelings involved and that might bring more harm to the issue.

"It was not about cheating. Cheating can not be an issue in a relationship," she said adding that she would forgive a cheating lover."

Nasra also denied claims that Rashid was violent.

"We just did not agree on some aspects. We were both tired of each other. Those are personal issues to tell our fans so I would not do that."

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