Amos finally breaks silence disputing Nelly's reason for shock wedding cancelation

• The couple went viral on Friday evening after a chat from the wedding committee's WhatsApp group went viral on social media.

Amos Rono
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Amos Rono, the man from Bomet who was supposed to marry Miss Nelly Chepkoech on Saturday, December 9 has finally broken his silence about what happened when the wedding was called off.

In an interview with the Standard, the 30-year-old man claimed that the wedding plans were put on hold just a day before the scheduled date due to a shocking explanation given to him by Ms Chepkoech.

Rono claimed that the 23-year-old woman had told him she had another man, alleging she had confessed to him through a phone message.

“Kungekuwa na harusi ambayo ingefanyika jana na haikufanyika kwa sababu bibi harusi alisema kuwa kuna mtu mwingine mahali aliposema hapo awali. Hiyo harusi haikufanyika kwa sababu ya hayo maneno ambayo alisema,” Mr Rono said.

Following the failure of the marriage, the heartbroken relative has announced that he has released his fiancee and wished her well in her future plans.

"Nimemuacha yeye aende afuzu maishani mwake upande huo mwingine ama atafute bwana mwingine safi kwa sababu hata kama amesema bila kujua, namsamehe yeye. Na akikuja tena kusema labda atarudi ama nini, nimemuacha kiroho safi aende afuzu upande ule mwingine kabisa katika maisha yake," he said.

Mr Rono confirmed that he was ready to marry the 23-year-old beauty and claimed that even his father-in-law was okay with them getting married.

He also confirmed that the wedding was called off a day before the scheduled date because that's when Mrs. Chepkoech shocked him with her revelation.

"It's over between the two of us and I would like to wish him all the best. We have enjoyed a good relationship with her and I was shocked that she had not told me that she had another man in her life," he said.

Amos statement is a stark contrast to what Nelly had earlier said, 

Previously, Ms. Chepkoech had spoken out and dismissed rumours on social media claiming that she had called off the wedding.

In an interview, she claimed that the church decided to postpone the wedding due to the delay of several receipts.

"Today (Saturday) was supposed to be my wedding day, but we arrived and were told that the wedding could not take place yesterday because of the delay of some letters. But we were eagerly waiting for the day," Nelly said.

The beauty also denied allegations of running away from home to avoid her wedding, noting that she is still at her parent's house.

She explained that there was confusion and emotions ran high after they were informed that their big event would not take place as planned.

However, she made it clear that she was ready to marry Amos,

"Everyone was in tears, everyone was crying. I'm at home, I'm not lost. I am still waiting for the day we were told we would be called. I am ready for that day," she said.

She added, "We are waiting for the reverend to tell us the day to proceed with the wedding." I didn't say he deleted it. It was postponed." Who is telling the truth? Prepare your seats and wait to see how the saga will continue!!!!"

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