Watch: Nelly finally reveals real reason for cancelling wedding to Amos

• The Bomet woman has been a top trend for the better part of the weekend after leaked WhatsApp chats emerged of her telling her wedding committee that it wasn't going to take place.

Nelly Chebet and Amos Rono, the couple who were set to wed on Saturday at Kapsoyo AGC in Bomet County, but the ceremony were later cancelled.
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Miss Nelly Chepkoech, a young lady from Bomet County who is alleged to have called off her wedding just one day before the scheduled date has finally emerged to dismiss the allegations.

Nelly and her fiance Amos were supposed to get married on Saturday, December 11 at the AGC Kapsoyo Church but the wedding plans were called off a day before the ceremony, causing whispers and confusion among the parties.

WhatsApp group chats among members of the wedding planning committee were leaked on social media and led to more rumours and accusations among netizens, many of whom pointed fingers at Nelly.

While speaking to the media on Saturday, the 23-year-old lady denied canceling her wedding and claimed that the church decided to postpone the wedding due to the delay of several documents.

"Today (Saturday) was supposed to be my wedding day, but we arrived and were told that the wedding could not take place yesterday because of the delay of some letters.  But we were eagerly waiting for the day," Nelly said.

Nelly Chepkoech
Image: Courtesy

The beauty also denied allegations of running away from home to avoid her wedding, noting that she is still at her parent's house.

She revealed that there was confusion and emotions ran high after they were informed that their big event would not go as planned.  However, she made it clear that she was ready to marry Amos.

"Everyone was in tears, everyone was crying. I'm at home, I'm not lost. I am still waiting for the day we were told we would be called. I am ready for that day," she said.

Adding, "We are waiting for the reverend to tell us the day to proceed with the wedding. I didn't say he deleted it. It was postponed."

Kenyans on social media have been discussing the postponement of Nelly and Amos' wedding ever since the WhatsApp group chat was revealed.

There have been all kinds of rumours and accusations with most of them disparaging the 23-year-old young lady.

The postponed wedding was supposed to formalize the couple's relationship of about nine months.

Watch the interview below;

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