Terry and Promise have a 20 year age gap

22-year-old dating 42-year-old woman explains relationship

• They insist their love is real, and will take the next step soon.

A Kenyan YouTuber couple has ruffled feathers with their age gap. The man is 22 years called Promise and the woman Terry or Mama Ryan is 42.

Their YouTube channel Promise 254 shows their fans all the wonderful ways they spend time as a couple. They spoke to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko where the young man declared, "The goal is love. Hii ndio inabamba."

Their encounter happened after she was dumped. "I was in a toxic relationship. My ex was travelling a lot and he would extend it after fights."

She says this led to minimal communication. She was also accused of cheating, and he went online to expose her in a viral royalty test. That is how she got to know Promise.

He told how he felt about her, "I was trying to reunite them but I saw this guy has pride. He has ego games mbaya. He was blaming Terry for everything."

She agreed, "I was married but single, I was always alone. This person travels from one month to another. It was a marriage where I was alone."

"Me I genuinely love him by the way no pretense or nothing but for the few months I have felt love again."

He also addressed critics who say he is with her for her money. "You know love mtu hajuangi. Love comes like the wind. I found myself in love, that's all," he shared.

Terry also doesn't feel weird, "Like I said at first I felt like that coz he used to say things, and then Im like wah, and I was overwhelmed."

Terry is also older than his mother. "My mum is 40. I only focus on the positive things. I don't feel weird dating her. I feel like she is my first love actually. I have never felt such kind of love. Im just flying tuu manze," he said about being condemned for her age by upset netizens.

The judgemental faces they get do not faze them as Promise told Kioko.

"I love her so much, I have never posted anyone else, I have put her on Whatsappa, and even TikTok, hakuna kuwachana."

The age difference matter is not a factor. They have a 20-year difference. He said, "Love does not select. At the initial stages, I thought it was weird, but when you feel things moving, you become helpless."

They are planning on introducing each other to their respective parents soon who are demanding answers. but they are confident love wins.

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