Rapudo trolls Amber Ray's former lovers with arrogant diss

• Rapudo made it clear that he doesn't care who the beautiful socialite was with before while noting that he looks better with her now.

Amber Ray with Kennedy Rapudo
Image: Instagram

Businessman Kennedy Rapudo has continued to prove his great love for his wife and co-parent, socialite Faith Makau aka Amber Ray.

In his statement on Tuesday evening, the father of two made it clear that he doesn't care who the beautiful socialite was with before him while noting that he looks better with her now.

"I don't care who was with you first and I don't care who was with you the longest, because the truth is, you look better with me," Rapudo said.

The businessman went on to give his wife a beautiful promise, "I will take care of you and your heart better than anyone in your past, and that is true."

In her response, the mom of two thanked her husband Rapudo for mending her heart that was broken by former lovers.

"Thank you for your willingness to fix what you never broke," Amber Ray responded to her husband's statement on Instagram. The two lovers have been in a romantic relationship since mid-2022.

They started dating in May last year, just a few months after Amber Ray broke up with businessman Jimal Rohosafi who she dated for about a year.

In March, through her YouTube channel, Amber Ray revealed when she met Rapudo and said she never thought they could date.

She pointed out that at the time she was afraid to bring romance into the picture because she felt like it would ruin their relationship.

"I never saw us having anything. You are beautiful. I wanted to keep you as a friend and I knew if we slept together we would ruin it," Amber Ray told Rapudo.

She added that at that time, Rapudo was seen as a philanderer.

"You looked like a player but you are very calm," she said. How did the two meet? "We met at an event through a friend. We became friends unconditionally before we started dating," Amber Ray said.

According to Amber Ray, her husband is very arrogant and even wondered how they managed to reach their relationship so far.

"You are a lover with a lot of pride. You are proud of the day and night. In fact, until this point, it is by the grace of God," he said.

Rapudo, for his part, accused his wife of being a big spender, adding that she buys unnecessary things.

"You go shopping all the time, you buy unnecessary things. You have a lot of clothes and shoes," Rapudo said.

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