Major challenge Guardian Angel has working with wife, Esther Musila

• The singer pointed out that sometimes they come up with different ideas that leave them at a crossroads.

Guardian Angel with Esther Musila.
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Peter Omwaka aka Guardian Angel has opened up about what it's like working with his wife Esther Musila in his company.

Speaking to Standard Entertainment & Lifestyle, the 35-year-old musician indicated that he does not always agree with his wife when they work together.

The musician noted that sometimes they come up with different ideas that leave both of them arguing until they finally agree because of their different backgrounds.

"We are very different. We differ a lot but mainly because since I have been doing this for a while, there is a way that I think things should be done and she also has a way that she thinks things can be done differently from how I have been doing it.

At that time, we will have differences here and there but at the end of the day, we get to agree and realize that we are doing this thing with love. We are all doing it for the benefit of building our empire," Guardian said.

The musician was proud to work with the 53-year-old beauty and spoke about the importance of running his Seven Heaven Music label with her.

Guardian noted that working with Ms. Musila is different from hiring someone from outside the family as his wife always sticks by him, unlike employees who are likely to run for better opportunities when things go wrong.

"The point of me working with her is because she saw a vision. And she has made the vision look like something that she is a part of. Often when you hire people from outside, they work. If things go wrong, they will move to another artist who does better," he said.

The 35-year-old musician noted that his music helping him find the love of his life is one of the greatest achievements in his career.

"Through one of the songs I did, I was able to find a girlfriend," he said.

In the past, Musila has revealed that Guardian Angel's song 'Rada' was the beginning of their permanent union.

The mother of three said she became interested in meeting the singer after hearing the song on the radio and falling in love with it.

"Our union would not have happened in any other way. We had our plans but God went ahead of us and has continued to guide us on our journey," she said on his Instagram page.

The two got married at the beginning of last year after dating for almost two years.

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