Long-distance travel mistakes people make

An easy approach to travelling is to understand what not to do

•  Long distances can be draining and exhausting

• Not planning well will have one uncomfortable during the whole flight

When travelling most people are more concerned with getting to the destination that they end up forgetting the journey in-between.

 Below are a few mistakes that people make that end up making their trip distasteful and even appear longer and more uncomfortable than the trip really is.

1) Travelling without snacks

I know I'm not the only one who gets grumpy when hungry.

Whether on train, flight or bus don't rely on food or snacks from your mode of travel. Options are always limited (unless you are in first class)

Ensure you pack your own meals, highlighting your preferences.

2) Travelling without any source of entertainment

A big mistake people make!

I mean even while working in the office you sometimes need entertainment.

So before travelling go right ahead and download a few movies, your fav music or podcasts and ensure that your devices are fully charged before travelling.

If travelling with friends, pack different card games that you all can partake in as a group. Or crossword puzzles.

This will keep the mood going and make the trip seem less short than it really is.

3) Travelling without sleep essentials

You know at some point the trip will get boring and you'll crave some shut eye.

On that note while packing you should always remember to bring good earplugs or noise-canceling headphones as well as a good sleep mask if light bothers you.

And finally, a good neck pillow.

These will help keep you comfortable as you tune out the noise and light and drift into sleep while listening to your favourite tunes.

4) Carrying heavy luggage

Whether travelling with your friends or alone, one must always be careful about the weight of their baggage.

Always ensure that the weight of your baggage is not unnecessarily heavy because if so you'll need to pay an extra amount for overweight baggage. Thus making your trip distasteful from the word go.

So next time you are going on holiday whether by flight or bus ensure that you plan well and keep these few details in mind to help make your trip less tiresome and help pass time.

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