Why Rayvanny has cancelled his Kisumu Concert last minute

I am sorry to say that I won't be able to perform in Kisumu today - Vanny Boy.


• The has apologized to his fans for the last minute cancellation. 

•  The singer was set to perform in Kisumu on Friday. 


Former WCB signee Rayvanny has announced the cancellation of his Kisumu concert last minute.

In an update, the singer said that he was supposed to perform in Kisumu over the weekend but that will not happen.

The Next Level President confirmed that the promoter of the show had disappointed him and therefore won’t be showing up.

He went ahead to apologize to his fans in Kisumu for the late cancellation with a promise to make it up to them next time.

"To all my lovely fans in Kisumu due to promoters and event organizers issues I am sorry to say that I won't be able to perform in Kisumu today. I was ready for you but there is always a next time.

"I love you all," the singer said. 

Tickets to the show were going at 1k for early bird regular and 2500 for early bad VIP. The prices went up by 1k if one was to purchase the tickets at the gate.

The organizers meant to bring in the artist into the country issued a statement shortly afterwards saying that it was taking full responsibility for the failed performance after weeks of planning.

They however highlighted that a second party had let them down and they had no control of how things turned out.

"Lion Empire Entertainment wishes to regrettably postpone the event to a later date.

Our Main Artist could not travel to Kenya, due to non compliance with a travel agent Lion Empire had contracted to ensure 

Lion Empire takes full responsibility for this action and will seek legal actions to determine the way forward." Read part of their official statement.

The team went on to let their fans know that they could request for a refund of their money through the official ticket purchasing website that they had used or let it be valid for the postponement of the event.

"In No Way are our partners directly or indirectly involved or responsible for this failed event.

We would also like to Sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to the many fans who had already paid for the event and we want to assure them of swift movement on the choice they want to make regarding to payments already made," finished off Lion Empire's statement.

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