Tiffah's 4 demands before boarding Diamond's jet

The singers daughter even wants snow!

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Tiffah wants to fly to Tanzania soon.

• Zari will be in Uganda for her white party on December 22.

Diamond with his daughter Tiffah
Diamond with his daughter Tiffah
Image: courtesy

Ugandan socialite, Zari Hassan may be spending Christmas with Diamond Platnumz if daughter Tiffah has anything to do with it.

The little girl and her mother had a mock conversation where Tiffah pretends to talk to her dad to make plans for the family to travel to Tanzania.

Tiffah tells Diamond that he is rich and famous adding that she is proud of him for doing well financially.

Since Diamond bought a jet, Tiffah expects him to use it to fly the family to his home country.

"We are going to Brazil, to Cape Town and we're all going to Uganda, and we're going to fly on a jet."

"Whose Jet?" Zari asks

Tiffah replies; "Papas jet".

"I don't think it's out yet, but whatever the case I don't think I'm going all of those places," Zari adds.

Tiffah tells her that she will regardless with Zari responding by saying that the only country she will visit is Uganda, as Tiffah tells her she will cancel those travel plans. 

Tiffah then makes a phone call to find out when Diamond's jet will be ready.

"Hello, I would like to speak to my dad  and find out if the jet is getting out tomorrow I'm gonna pack up."

Zari laughs at her actions retorting; "So we're going to fly all the way to Tanzania."

Tiffah adds; "We don't have to continue this conversation coz my dad is famous and rich and I'm so happy for him."

Tiffah then tells Diamond that he has to fulfill some demands before she flies in his jet. "I need flowers, chocolates, and sour patch sweets.

All my sweets are on the jet and when we get there can you find a way of finding snow? I wanna play in snow I love snow it's my dream come true."

Tiffah concludes her phone conversation by saying; "That is what I want when I come to Tanzania. God Bless you."

Watch the hilarious video below;

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