Giraffe-owning Joho joins these celebs who also own exotic pets

The former Mombasa governor showed of his pet giraffes in a video yesterday

• The Mombasa leader shocked Kenyans when he called the animals his "friends."

• Joho joins a long list of celebs who have kept such exotic pets.

The former governor showed of his pet giraffes
Ali Hassan Joho. The former governor showed of his pet giraffes
Image: Instagram

Former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho, aka 001 seems to really be enjoying himself during his retirement away from the daily hustle of leading one of Kenya's biggest counties.

Sultan as he is affectionately known as posted a video of himself with his 3 pet giraffes! Yes, you read that right.

Manze, the suave and charismatic leader keeps giraffes the same way most people keep dogs in their compound! The ex-governor affectionately called the tallest animal on the earth 'his friends'.

Check out the video below;

Kenyans filled the comments section and were in awe that the handsome Mombasa leader was able to keep such exotic animals.

Even musician Akothee commented about the exotic animals writing, "Sasa unahesabu your friends na mimi utaniweka wapi?"

But Joho isn't the only prominent personality to keep exotic pets. (This is a pet that is relatively uncommon or odd to own, or that is more frequently associated with the wild than with domesticated animals)

International celebs have being doing it for many years. Let's take a look below;

Mike Tyson's tigers

The former heavy boxing champ owned three Bengal tigers.

Elvis Presley's wallaby

The 'King' of Rock and Roll had a wallaby which was donated to him by a fan in 1957. He later donated it to the Memphis Zoo.

Leonardo DiCaprio's tortoise

The Titanic actor reportedly spent $400( Sh 48,200.00)to buy a tortoise at the North American Reptile Breeders Conference and Trade Show.

Michael Jackson's chimp

Bubbles, the chimpanzee owned by Michael Jackson, accompanied him everywhere. Currently, Bubbles is residing in a Florida refuge.

Justin Bieber's monkey

Bieber had a famous Capuchin monkey that was taken back to a zoo.

Nicolas Cage's cobras

The National Treasure actor had two albino cobras, which he ended up giving to a zoo. He now owns a black crow as his pet.

Martha Stewart's peacocks

The Martha Stewart Living CEO and celebrity chef had six pet peacocks that were killed by coyotes.

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